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How it all began…

Read this article in The Union newspaper on how the book got started!

See the book at Seattle Fashion Week, May 15th 2010

I am excited to announce that I will be producing the Vera Wang segment for Seattle Fashion Week this year on May 15th at the WaMu Theater! We will be featuring Vera Wang couture, who will be making her runway debut for the first time in the pacific northwest. We are also excited to have Olympic Gold Medalist Apolo Ohno (styled by Armani Black Label from Butch Blum) walking in our segment as well! The show will be broadcast live on local Comcast channels. It will be a memorable night with lots of surprises, so make sure to buy your tickets now at All VIP ticket holders will receive a swag bag with a copy of my new book, Polyester Is the Devil.

your wedding:

the single most fabulous day of your entire life

Wedding Style

A glimpse into personal wedding gown style

A day that you spend months – if not years – planning and stressing over every last detail to ensure that this is the wedding that will be talked about for years to come. It’s a time for celebration. For music, dancing, laughter, and cake. It is a day for families, friends, and the people you love to come together and honor the vows of commitment between you and your Prince Charming. Right? Well, kind of.

That’s all very sweet and nice, but what every woman knows is that a wedding is really all about the dress. It’s about walking down the aisle in something utterly breathtaking that drips with richness and authenticity. It’s about making every woman in the room wish she had chosen a different dress for her own wedding. Of course your wedding dress should be flattering, but it should also represent and reflect the essence of who you are as a woman. Your dress, truly, is an extension of yourself. It’s a part of your personal style, your beliefs, your dreams, how you were raised, and who you have become.

So how do you get it? When faced with piles of wedding magazines and thousands of designers and styles and price ranges to choose from, how do you find the Holy Grail of weddings? How do you find the dress of a lifetime?

Ummm … hello, that’s why I’m here! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Lindsay Kenna, and from now until your departure down the aisle, I am your personal wedding gown stylist.

I’m in the business of making dreams come true. I’m an expert in the art of finding the perfect wedding dress for every bride, and I have the record-breaking sales stats to prove it. Modesty, too. If the dress isn’t out there, I’ll help you design it. And when I’m through, not only will it take every last grandma’s and second cousin’s breath away, but it will also inspire the most important person in the wedding – you.

To help get you started, I’ve included a useful style journal. There is space where you can put photos of dresses, accessories, and themes that you like. There’s a table where you can work out the details of your budget, and a calendar that helps you keep track of all of your wedding dress appointments. Everything you need to plan what you’ll be wearing on your big day can be recorded right within these pages. Keep it with your purse and your cell phone, so it becomes an easy grab-and-go accessory to simplify the what-to-wear process.

Your dress is like a piece of art. It should give you a confidence, excitement, and sense of ultimate beauty that cannot be fazed by a drunken relative’s toast, a smashed cake, or table linens that turn out to be the wrong shade of ivory. Your dream wedding dress is my responsibility. So sit back with a nice glass of champagne and let me show you how to look like the most fabulous version of yourself you have ever been.